Ever wished you could take your personal trainer with you everywhere? Well, now you can!
Take the everyday struggles out of exercise. Let your BODYCOACH develop and support your progress through your own personalized exercise routine.


  • Exercise at home?
  • At the gym?
  • On holidays?




We can train & help you reach your fitness goals wherever you are. With little or no equipment!
If you’ve got the net, you’ve now got access to your own qualified personal trainer 24/7!


  • Personalized fitness programs developed by an experienced and qualified Personal Trainer.
  • Unlimited guidance & support available
  • You, your BODYTRAINER account & your BODYCOACH are all linked. Recieve all of your workouts into your trainer account. Log and share your progress with your BODYCOACH, friends and family.
  • NO contracts
  • NO automated replies, or generic programs. You are working with a dedicated & experienced LIVE personal trainer
  • Personalised programs, created to fit your lifestyle & delivered to you wherever you are!
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your initial program, reply within 24 hours of recieving, and we will adjust completely free of charge.
  • Programs created using the worlds largest online exercise database! Join the fitness revolution!


Exercise just got exciting! Be the envy of your exercising friends. Put the spring back in your step, & slide your PT into your pocket today!  (Programs compatible with computer, iPhone or android.)



Want to go a step further?

Feel amazing, and look better! BODY goes platinum with its new Platinum program. Combining our monthly EAT MEMBERSHIP & BODYTRAINER with a BODYCOACH program. All you need to feel amazing and look even better! BODY provides you with all of the tools that you will ever need, to keep yourself fit and healthy. Give it a shot!

Diet & fitness can be a dreaded part of life. We are here to help & have most of the work done for you! All you need to keep yourself in shape, and enjoying it at the same time! EASY, EFFECTIVE, ENJOYABLE, REDICULOUSLY AFFORDABLE – YOU’LL LOVE IT!