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With over 950 WORKOUTS; BODYTRAINER‘s Plus Access covers all areas of fitness with workouts for the gym, home, in a hotel and even outside. Finding the right workout is just a few taps away.

Whatever your fitness need or goal, we have a workout (or list of workouts) for you. With everything from Bodyweight to Yoga, Bootcamp to Bodybuilding, Stretching to Stability, Sports Conditioning to Cellulite Shrinker, Barbells to Dumbbells, and everything in-between, BODYTRAINER delivers.

Each Workout includes images, videos, audio coaching and text tips explaining how to perform all exercises correctly. Also included is the recommended intensity indicating the reps, sets, rest, number of circuits, time etc., the equipment required, estimated workout time and estimated calories burned for that workout.

Choose a Goal to get started today.

Build & Perform

For the person who likes to build their own workouts or edit the 950+ pre-made ones, we created the beyond-revolutionary drag & drop Builder.

Drag & Drop to build your own workouts.

With over 7,000 male & female exercise images & videos, you’ve got access to the world’s largest exercise & video library to build your own sessions.

Just choose a body part and equipment, then drag & drop to build your completely customized session to perform and add to your My Workouts library.

All the workouts you create are listed in MY WORKOUTS on the web at the mobile app. And just like the existing workouts, you can edit these, make them favorites, search and share them with anyone.

Build your workouts online, see them on your mobile to track. It all just works.

Create Your Own Workouts

When you combine a cutting edge intuitive drag & drop user experience with the world’s largest exercise image & video library, you get Builder, the most advanced workout design tool ever created.


Setting goals are your key to success. So to really motivate yourself, you can pre-set the target intensity you want to achieve for every exercise.

Choosing Target and enter the Strength or Cardio target intensity you’d like to accomplish during your workout. Targets can also include custom free form per set notes.

When you perform the workout or share with others, the Targets will appear when tracking each exercise on the web, in the mobile app and on the Print Workout PDF.

Day by Day, Week by Week Programs

Got a specific goal in mind and want to dedicate yourself to reaching it? Choose Fitness Plan from the Goals menu and choose one that will guide you for months at a time, letting you know what workout to perform each day, at what intensity.

Strength Builder, Weight Loss, Complete Core, Total Body, Mass Builder & Muscle Confusion are some of the most popular plans that guide you on getting amazing results.

My Next Workout

No need to choose a specific program to constantly keep your workouts fresh. BODYTRAINER comes equipped with the most unique NEXT Workout intelligence that wraps all the 750+ workouts in an intuitive web of goal-oriented, similar-equipment progression of workout choices.

Pick any workout on your first day. When you complete, you’ll get instant access in the Logs, Home and Next Workout areas for a one-tap access to being the Next Workout, or choose from a short list.

Each time you complete a Next Workout choice, another list of workouts will appear for your later sessions.


BODYTRAINER contains the most comprehensive, best quality exercise library ever built with over 7000 male & female  exercise images & videos covering all fitness disciplines.

Every exercise in our custom-built database contains a clear, concise image with a corresponding written tip and a video with audio coaching.

Broken down by body part such as Abs, Back & Chest, Equipment such as Barbell, Dumbbells & Bodyweight or Category such as Strength, Stability & Flexibility –there is no other resource that brings so many disciplines together in a single library. There are 86 different kinds of Push Ups, 111 lunges, and much more for you to discover, and keep your workouts fresh every day.


You can easily edit any My Workout whenever you want, and even edit (which makes a copy) a PumpOne or Shared Workout to customize it for yourself from any workout list.

One of the most innovative uses of Edit is to build as you go by choosing to do it mid-workout. This on-the-fly editing keeps your Workout Timer and current tracking applied to the edited workout, so you can make your change and save, to continue where you left off.

Each individual exercise in Workout Builder has been “tagged” with a number of keywords allowing you to perform an advanced Search.

Enter full words such as Barbell or abbreviations such as “BB”. You can enter multiple words and abbreviations together such as “BB Bench Press” to see a list of exercises with these tags.

Free form searches are performed in conjunction with the Body Part, Equipment & Category filters to really narrow down the results, and get to the exercise you need.

For example, Choose Shoulders (182 results), add Dumbbells (narrows to 80 results) and type in “Press” (narrows to 30 results). Or simply type in “Shoulders DB Press”

A full list of keywords and an abbreviation is available in the mobile app Builder help.


Even though our library is the world’s largest, you can also add your own moves.

The My Exercises library allows you to create your own, complete with name, tip, photo from your camera or photo library and even your own video URL to play right in the app, can be shared digitally, or sent to a PDF.

Like any other exercise, your own moves can have Targets, be tracked, and have history.


When you finish a workout, tap Complete to create a workout log, recording all your tracked exercises and adding to Exercise History.

Logs allow you to view & edit your Tracking Details, rate your workout, add session notes and even edit the time/date and Workout Timer for that session.

The Log Detail screen also allows you to print the completed workout with tracking to a PDF, share the workout for others to perform, see the Next Workout based on the one you completed, access the exerciseGraphs, export the data to a .csv file and email/post your progress to friends, your Facebook wall & Twitter feed.


Track your exercises, workouts and body stats.

Keeping track of your exercise and body stats progress are successful motivation tools.

Log reps, sets, weight and cardio tracking to keep your exercise history at your fingertips to make sure you’re progressing.

Take before/after photos, use the body measurement tools such as the weight tracker, and perform important body stat calculations such as BF %, BMI, healthy weight and target heart rate.


One of the most important aspects of maintaining a consistent fitness program and reaching goals is keeping track of your progress. What better way to see all your hard work pay off, than with interactive, visual graphs. BODYTRAINERS comprehensive Progress Graphs offer a complete range of reporting charts, based on your tracking, log and body stats entries.

Progress Graphs also contain tap-able plot-points that allow you to see the origin of the data, quickly edit it if needed and see an updated graph in just a few seconds. The graphs time frame can be set to All, One Week, One Month, Three Months, Six Months or One Year. You can also swipe forward or backward in time on a graph to get up close for clear, quick analysis. Print progress graphs!



Share, print and get

Share workouts with friends and get their logs back. Receive workouts to get challenged by others. With BODY TRAINER’s Share Workout feature, your friends & family get rich, interactive workout sessions and challenges.

Print Workout is an amazing way to get complete workouts with images, tips, tracking and video links to a printable PDF that you can take with you. Just fold it up and put in your pocket.

Every workout log can be posted to your Facebook wall and Twitter feed along with the interactive PDF. Let your friends know how you’re using BODY TRAINER to get and stay in shape, directly posting the session for them to try out on their own.




Building workouts and seeing progress from a large computer screen is great. But when you workout, you’re mobile. So make sure to download the full-featured iOS or Android apps once you’ve registered here.

The Web and mobile apps sync together. Build workouts online and they’ll backup and sync to your mobile phone. Enabling you to track workouts in the gym.  You also have the ability to ‘Ask a fitness question’ straight from the gym floor!  We can be in contact and help you with your training, wherever you are!



FitnessClass gives you access to over 370 full-length real-time workout videos from over 70 of the world’s best instructors.

With a ClassPass, you can play any class on the web, iPad or Android as well as connect to your Apple TV. This is truly the anytime trainer with anywhere access.